Ask Me Anything About Conference Panels — Thursday, July 21, 4-6 pm EDT Blab!

ephh AMA ABout Conference PanelsDo you dread having to listen to one more boring panel? Have you been asked be a panel moderate or panelist, and wonder what to do? Do you want to learn how to make conference panels much, much better?

Then we’ve got a Blab for you!

After the success of our Ask Me Anything About Event Production Blab, I’m happy to announce we are running an Ask Me Anything About Conference Panels Blab this Thursday, 4 – 6 pm EDT on my weekly #Eventprofs Happy Hour (#ephh) with special guest Kristin Arnold.

Hailed by MeetingsNet as the “Panel Improvement Evangelist”, Kristin is on a crusade to make ALL panel discussions more lively and informative. She’s the author of Powerful Panels: A Step-By-Step Guide to Moderating a Lively and Informative Panel Discussion at Meetings, Conference and Conventions, and has been moderating panel discussions for over twenty years. Among her other talents, Kristin has presented to over half a million people around the world, and retired from the US Coast Guard Reserves in 2002 as a Lieutenant Commander! Learn more about Kristin here.

Kristin & I have more than a few opinions on conference panels. But we want yours too! Join the Blab at any time to ask questions, share your thoughts—and I might invite you to join us on the video stream. Expect a lively discussion and a lot of good information and ideas!

To be reminded when the Blab begins, go here and click Subscribe. The same URL will take you to the Blab once we’re live.

Never joined a Blab before? Here’s a good introductory Blab tutorial. Kristin & I look forward to your joining us on Thursday!

‘Twas the Holidays Hangout …

‘Twas the Holidays Hangout, when all through the net
#Eventprofs were stirring, their email to get;
The BEOs hung on clipboards with care,
In hopes that the caterers soon would be there;
Attendees were nestled all snug in their chairs;
While visions of aerialists danced in the air;
And friends on their laptops, and I on my Mac,
Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s hack,
When out on Twitter there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my Steelcase to see what was the matter.
Away to my browser I flew like a flash,
Quick opened a new Zoom and emptied the cache.
The glow of the screen on my new bluetooth keyboard,
Gave a luster of ROI promised reward,
When what to my wondering eyes did arrive,
But a whole slew of tweets and Thom Singer alive,
With PinkDeb, Brandt Krueger, Brad Wilson — a riot!
And then Glenn Thayer & dear Jenise Fryatt
Sue Pelletier, Martin Sirk, John Chen — a battalion!
Heidi Thorne, David Adler & KiKi L’Italien
So I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
Now Tahira Endean & Jan-Jaap In der Maur
Miguel Neves and Dahlia El Gazzar.
Come gaily dressed in your Santa suit
Anh Nguyen, Will Curran, and Eric De Groot!
Emelie Barta, Keith Johnston, Annarita Montanaro
Dan Cormany, Alex Plaxen, and young Lubo Tomko.
Liz Lathan, Juup de Kanter, and Joan Eisenstodt
Did I forget them? No I did not!
I miss Deborah Oster Pannell, I don’t get to see her,
Or Cameron Toth, Danalynne Menegus, and Mike van der Vijver.
And though in this long list of friends you might drown
Welcome Deborah Elms, Paul Salinger, Roxann Momilani Hendrickson, Kristin Arnold, Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Paul Cook, and Karen Brown!

To the top of the page! to the top of the list!
Duck under the velvet rope, come to be kissed!
As leaves that before the room turnover rise,
When they meet with an obstacle, we all improvise.

So up to the hangout the #eventprofs they flew
With the click of a mouse, and some first-timers too
Appeared on the chat with a beer in their hand
Or an old-fashioned cocktail (all fresh, nothing canned)…

So come join us shortly if that’s what you’d like
If we say we can’t hear you please unmute your mike!

Holidays Hangout Image courtesy of Fenton InPrint online