by Adrian Segar

Some testimonials about Adrian Segar’s conferences, facilitation, designs, and writing provided by participants, clients, and fans over the last 13 years:

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I have never been to a conference where I felt like I got to know so many new people so well.

…one of the most innovative and eye-opening professional experiences I’ve had. Aside from coming back with lots of new tips and ideas, I easily established triple the number of new contacts, and formed stronger relationships with them, than at any other conference I’ve been to.

…this was easily the most immersive and engaged event I’ve attended in years. Possibly in my entire career.

— Ruth Gregg, Conference evaluation

…one of the best experiences of my life

— Traci Browne, Conference evaluation

This conference changed the trajectory of my life and studies.

— Honore Depew, Conference evaluation

It is an incredibly fulfilling experience to be able to not only participate in a conference but to shape its future.

— Conference evaluation

Any school that doesn’t send their IT staff here is doing them a disservice.

— Paul Beauchamp, Said during edACCESS 2010 group spective

edACCESS is my annual professional sanity anchor.

— Eric LaCroix, Conference evaluation

…it was a spectacular thing to watch each individual “bring a brick” and marvel at the creations, knowing that WE EACH contributed to what was left standing.

I feel I have found a community of peers who see the whole picture and are willing to help one another and our institutions to progress. It is a model much needed in the educational community (and in society at large).

— 2004 conference attendee, Conference evaluation

An amazing process!

— June Heston, Conference evaluation

We had intense work and intense play – a wonderful time out for us.

— Sandy Berbeco, Conference evaluation

Dang, that was one fun, productive, participatory conference…Adrian certainly helped me remember that the greatest resource is always the people in the room.

— Chapin Spencer, Conference evaluation

This was a particularly powerful weekend for me and the format was especially conducive to allowing us to focus on self-identified areas of interest and the expertise we each already bring to the table.

— Monica Hutt, Conference evaluation

Thank you for writing Conferences that Work. It’s been a tremendous resource.

…one of the very best facilitators I’ve ever worked with onsite: Adrian Segar, originator of the Conferences That Work model of meeting design.

— Mitchell Beer, President and CEO of The Conference Publishers Inc.

There’s a relatively new, growing trend towards unconferences, sometimes organized using open space technologies. An excellent “how to” book on organizing this type of conference is Conferences that Work by Adrian Segar.

— Gregg Marshall, American Institute of Inspectors, January 2011 newsletter

Just came back from @AffordableMTGS in Chicago. @ASegar was the best facilitator/presenter….by far!

— De-de Mulligan, CMP, CMM, Affordable Meetings, Mid-America

What a pleasure it was to attend edACCESS this year. I have not stopped talking about it with my Head and colleagues. I was transformed.

— Mary D’Amore

There is more value in one day of peer sessions than a week of lectures.

— Conference participant

Much more useful than any ‘traditional’ conference.

— Conference participant

I always learn something new; I always learn something I can do better; and I always feel the at some point I shared something that was actually helpful to someone else.

— Conference participant

I learn more at this conference than any other meetings I attend all year.

— Conference participant

I’ve been to about 50 conferences and organized about 10. This was as good as it gets.

— Conference participant

[During the session] I witnessed colleagues who were in very real pain surrounding this issue…I felt happy to share my own personal struggles and offered ongoing communication with my peers to help support one another as they also offered the same to me and others.

— Conference participant

I’ve been sending e-mails to clients apologizing for NOT coming by their offices and taking them to Adrian’s presentation. I am so ashamed! I kept THEM from experiencing one of the most productive and informative workshops I have ever attended. It was great networking too!

— Kevin Priger, Participant in Adrian’s workshop “Conferences that Work: Transform Your Sessions with Participation Techniques”

I have heard nothing but glowing reviews about your workshop with GaMPI. I am sick that I missed it. You left a lasting impression and helped our group a lot.

— Stephanie Henriksen, Director of Curriculum, Georgia MPI Chapter

“A brilliant discussion of the idea of peer conferences” (review of Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love)

I just loved the format – I can’t stand the thought of attending all the conferences on my calendar that have the standard format!

— Conference participant

…the conference format allows a wide variety of groups and individuals to meet and grapple with substantial issues in a way that currently does not exist.

— Conference participant
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