Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need

by Adrian Segar

Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need

“This book unlocks the hidden power of high performance gatherings. Adrian has given us a formula that can change the world — a simple and powerful way to harness humanity’s progress.”
—David Adler, CEO & Founder BizBash Media

Do your conference programs contain sessions you belatedly discover were of little interest or value to most attendees? If so, you’re wasting significant stakeholder and attendee time and money — your conference is simply not as good as it could be. Now imagine you knew how to routinely create conference programs that reliably include the sessions and session content attendees actually want and need. How much value would that add to your event; for your attendees, your sponsors, and your bottom line?

“Adrian Segar is a leader in crafting the future of meetings. Event Crowdsourcing is the go-to tactical guide for planners to allow attendees to create their own meaningful experiences. In a world where everyone is talking about why events need to generate connection and engagement, Adrian has written the how-to guide for you.”
—Will Curran, founder, Endless Events, and #EventIcons, Event Tech, and Event Brew podcast host

What you’ll learn

My new book Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need shows you how to create conference programs that reliably become what your attendees want and need. Every. Single. Time. The product of my 31 years of participant-driven conference program design experience, Event Crowdsourcing clearly explains everything you need to know to successfully integrate effective real-time event crowdsourcing into your meeting programs and sessions.

“Actually giving attendees what they want and need instead of what you think they want? What a concept! Adrian Segar has done it again. Event Crowdsourcing is chock-full of detailed descriptions of low-tech, low-cost solutions that get to the core concerns of meeting-goers from any industry. It’s a must read for any meeting planner!”
—Brandt Krueger, technical producer, educator, speaker, and event technology consultant

The book also includes a comprehensive set of crowdsourcing techniques, and describes how to choose the right ones for your meetings. When you read it and apply what you learn, I guarantee your events will be better!

“For meeting designers like us, Adrian’s work is priceless. He meticulously documents all there is to understand about crowdsourcing, participation, peer-to-peer working, and empowerment of conference audiences. His unique views on these topics make it easy to recognize his training as a former physicist, his facilitation skills, and his belief in what we humans can achieve together. Adrian, once again, thanks!”
—Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver, meeting designers with MindMeeting, and authors of Into the Heart of Meetings

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When can I get it?

Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need is now available as an ebook or paperback. You can buy it and Adrian’s other fine books here.