David Adler BizBash Live interview: the best formats for live experiences

At BizBash Live DC, BizBash CEO and Founder David Adler and I took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Building for a wide-reaching interview on the best formats for live experiences in front of an invited crowd of several hundred meeting professionals.

Here’s an annotated video of our 20-minute conversation:

Annotated video

00:00 How the thousand-year history of conferences affects the way we meet today.
02:20 Lectures are terrible ways to learn.
03:00 The forgetting curve and how it reduces the learning at traditional conferences.
04:15 Why I created my first participant-driven and participation-rich meeting in 1992.
06:20 The conference arc.
07:45 Uncovering participants’ wants and needs via crowdsourcing.

11:00 Some crowdsourcing rules of thumb.
11:50 An overview of the schedule for a crowdsourced meeting.
12:30 Preparing participants and finding session leaders for crowdsourced sessions.
13:15 Future crowdsourcing: creating great meeting outcomes.
14:15 Who are meetings for?
15:00 What can happen at truly useful experiential events; finding your tribe.
16:00 Tapping all the resources in the room.
17:00 An example of a highly successful ongoing participant-driven and participation-rich conference that is making a difference.
19:30 David closes with the following statement:

“I want to end by saying that Adrian is an icon in our business because he’s created this way of doing things. And people have to realize that our business is probably the one of the most important businesses in the world, because we really gather people together and we have a responsibility to help solve the problems that are going on in the world, more than just complain about them, because we have the ability and what we do to bring people together.

How do you become a collaboration artist? Being a collaboration artist is our responsibility if we’re going to be in this industry, and what Adrian has done is given us the tools to help us become better collaboration artists. So with that, I thank you so much.”

Thank you David for the opportunity to share my thoughts in this interview on the best formats for live experiences!

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