Dinner seating — a study

World Economic Forum dinner seating - a study

Study this 1839 dinner seating layout. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Sixteen men at each table. Each man can only talk to the person on his left and right.
  • No women are present. In 1839, a woman’s place was in the kitchen.
  • Tables squashed far too close to each other.
  • How will they reach the wine in the center of each table, four feet away?

What else do you notice?

How much have things changed?

Well for one thing, 180 years later, this dinner still does not admit women!

“We are a men’s club, do not take this Gendergaga with us. Even the pope would not be invited if he was a woman.” [translation from German]
—Patrick Wendisch : Bild.de from January 19, 2019

Image attribution: The Guardian

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