Jerry Weinberg’s ten laws of trust

laws of trustJerry Weinberg’s ten laws of trust are shared in his fantastic book, published thirty years ago and still in print: The Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving & Getting Advice Successfully:

  1. Nobody but you cares about the reason you let another person down.
  2. Trust takes years to win, moments to lose.
  3. People don’t tell you when they stop trusting you.
  4. The trick of earning trust is to avoid all tricks.
  5. People are never liars—in their own eyes.
  6. Always trust your client—and cut the cards.
  7. Never be dishonest, even if the client requests it.
  8. Never promise anything.
  9. Always keep your promise.
  10. Get it in writing, but depend on trust.

Ten laws of trust. Obey them, and transform your consulting!

P.S. Check out 19 secrets of consulting that changed my life for more gems from Jerry Weinberg.

2 thoughts on “Jerry Weinberg’s ten laws of trust

  1. I *love* this, particularly the first one.The flip side of being empowered is being responsible, and that means that you don’t get to explain why.

  2. Yes, Gwyn, these are laws to live by.

    Jerry describes what can happen when you’re successfully responsible as The Lone Ranger Fantasy. He quotes another consultant (working with teachers) As I exit from the case, I visualize myself galloping off into the sunset while the teachers shake their heads and say, ‘Who was that masked woman, anyway?

    His paraphrase: When the clients don’t show their appreciation, pretend that they’re stunned by your performance—but never forget that it’s your fantasy, not theirs.

    If you haven’t already – get the book!

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