The internet is running out of…stuff

internet running out of stuff ad-70507_1920The day we’d hoped would never come is finally here.

The Internet is running out of … stuff.

After years of not turning off the Internet when you shower and Internetting a little too long when you brush your teeth, we’re now at something of a crossroads.

Data reservoirs are at record lows, and we’ve already dipped into our emergency meme supply. I’m not sure how much more plainly I can say this, but there are dark days ahead for the information superhighway.

It’s not too late to change things – but we must take measures to protect what little remains of this precious resource.

If your street address ends in an even number, try to use the Internet only on Sundays and Thursdays. If it ends in an odd number, try Tuesdays and Saturdays.

When you’re connected to the Internet, try to limit your use to 15 minutes per site, per day.

The sad truth is – these measures may not be enough. If we don’t get more Internet soon, guess what’s going to come out of your Internet tubes when you turn on the power?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Let’s do what we can now to ensure an Internet full of stuff for our children and our children’s children.



[No, I didn’t write “the internet is running out of stuff” but I feel it deserves a wider audience than just the readers of the Dreamhost newsletter, which I only receive because this very website is hosted on Dreamhost’s fine sturdy shoulders. Or head. Forearms? Whatever.]

3 thoughts on “The internet is running out of…stuff

  1. I saw this in the DH newsletter and feel that its either a joke (like towards the water shortage) or if he’s serious, then i have no idea what he’s talking about. I’d like a bit more explanation on this since its really vague and doesnt really make a whole lot of sense.

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