RCMA EMERGE 2015 Adrian Segar’s Workshop and Two Presentations

by Adrian Segar

Workshop: Transform Your Sessions With These Participative Techniques

Tuesday, January 27, 8 – 12 pm

“I’ve been sending e-mails to clients apologizing for NOT coming by their offices and taking them to Adrian’s presentation. I am so ashamed! I kept THEM from experiencing one of the most productive and informative workshops I have ever attended. It was great networking too!”
—Kevin Priger: participant in Adrian’s workshop “Transform Your Sessions with These Participation Techniques”

The simplest and most powerful way you can improve attendee learning, connection, engagement, and action at conferences is to build appropriate participation into your conference sessions. During my 3+ hour participative workshop you’ll learn how to do this. You’ll learn through direct experience of useful techniques (see this blog post for one reason why) like The Three Questions, Human Spectrograms, Personal Introspectives, Plus/Delta, and Fishbowls. There will be plenty of breaks—and we’ll have fun!

Here’s a handout describing some of the participation techniques I’ll cover.

And here’s a one minute video introducing a similar workshop I led at Meeting Professionals International’s World Education Congress.

Register promptly, since the workshop is limited to the first 60 people who apply!

Participant-Driven and Participation-Rich Meetings: What You Need to Know and Why

Wednesday, January 28, 2:55 – 4:05 pm

A true innovator in the conferences space, Adrian is at the forefront of attendee-driven conferences and meetings. His blog posts are extremely insightful and incorporate ideas and tactics from other disciplines (like physics and psychology) to shed light on how to better plan and manage meetings. His blog is required reading for this industry.
—Jeff Kear, 31 Must-Follow Event Planners

At Designing Participant-Driven and Participation-Rich Meetings: What You Need to Know and Why you’ll learn the reasons why participant-driven and participation-rich formats are becoming increasingly crucial requirements if you want to grow attendance and engagement at your face-to-face events. I’ll also introduce you to the key components of these increasingly popular meeting designs and techniques.

This session concentrates on mind-shift, from which all fundamental change occurs, not skill acquisition.


Designing Participation Into Your Meetings

Wednesday, January 28, 4:20 – 5:30 pm

The goal of my final EMERGE session Designing Participation Into Your Meetings is to give you an overview of participation techniques and an experiential glimpse of the value to your stakeholders and attendees of turning attendees into participants—more learning, more connection, more engagement, and more action outcomes—thus motivating you to incorporate participant-driven and participation-rich design elements into your meetings.

The session will include an introduction to many kinds of participation techniques, interspersed with interactive exercises such as human spectrograms, pair share, Post It!, a mild experience of chaos, and more. I’ll also provide an overview of five of the most popular participant-driven meeting formats: Open Space, Conferences That Work, World Café, Future Search, and Art of Hosting.