Living from Being not Doing

Kant_foto“To be is to do.”


Sartre 5187761281_e73d355b34_m“To do is to be.”


Sinatra 2598810597_39480a3bcd_m“Do-be-do—do-be-do”

It is common to think that we are defined by what we do:

Doing –> Being

The problem then becomes: What should we do to be the person we want to be?

This leads to a lifetime trying to do the right thing, so we might be who we think we should be.

In the end, it’s simpler to let who we are determine what we do.

Being –> Doing

The problem then becomes: Who are we?

The solution?

Work on living from Being not Doing.

When we live who we truly are, the doing becomes easy—an extension of our being.

Photo attribution: Wikipedia, and Flickr users carlosbarros666 and stevegarfield

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