Change is a verb not a noun

change is a verbChange is a verb, not a noun.

To make something change, we need to act.

Yes grammar wonks, “change” can be a noun. But change(-noun) is about the past or the future. “He dyed his hair!” orI’m determined to lose a few pounds!” When we use “change” as a noun, we’re passive observers, noticing change without being a part of it.

Change(-noun) is static.

Change(-verb) involves us. “Her entire demeanor changed in a flash.” or When I stopped talking for five days, my whole attitude to eating changed forever.”

We can notice, wish for, or announce we’re in favor of change until we’re blue in the face. Yes, noticing is a good start. But no action is required.

The change that counts is a verb.

Photo attribution: Flickr user odolphie

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