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Conferences are containers for ideas

by Adrian Segar

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“Books, those bound paper documents, are part of an ecosystem, one that was perfect, and one that is dying, quickly…

…We still need ideas, and ideas need containers.”
Seth Godin, An End of Books

Like books, conferences are changing inexorably as new formats and technologies transform and replace the broadcast framework we’ve used for hundreds of years.

But one thing won’t change. Our conferences will still be containers for ideas. Although our conferences will become places where participants will share and co-create ideas, rather than simply listen.

As our events increasingly embrace today’s reality that knowledge is social, the ideas they contain will be those of the many, not just of the few.

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  • Adrian Segar

    .@ASegar I'd prefer conferences that were hydroponic gardens and splicing labs for ideas.— Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) July 8, 2015

    • Adrian Segar

      I like your metaphors too! I was riffing off a Seth Godin quote, but growth & fruitful combination are what we want

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