I and thou: blogging as if a person was actually there

I and thou

All actual life is encounter.
Martin Buber, I and Thou (1923)

I finally realized why certain bloggers irritate me.

A lot.

Even if I agree with much of what they say.

It’s simple.

They never write as if they were there.

These bloggers always present themselves as authorities. The way they write implies they speak THE TRUTH.

Personal stories do not appear in their posts.

Perhaps this is a reaction to my years of lectured-to schooling, the fantasy I was encouraged to believe (only eventually dispelled by my experience) that everything had THE RIGHT ANSWER if I was only smart enough to hear and understand it.

I don’t care.


When I feel even a splinter of the authentic self come through a blogger’s writing, even if I don’t agree with them at all, something changes. The person appears to me by choosing to enter into relationship through their writing; becomes vulnerable and appealing.

We become connected.

I like that.

When a person hides behind their words, streaming out some truth as if it were divinely inspired, I feel a void.


Bloggers—all writers for that matter—let us know who you are.

I and thou.

We want to know you.