Breaking: CreateSpace is requiring all customers to move to Kindle Direct Publishing!

CreateSpace is requiring all customers to move to Kindle Direct Publishing!

I logged in to CreateSpace (CS) last night to check on my author royalties. This stark message popped up:

Uh oh.

I’ve been a happy customer of CreateSpace for three years, and this was, to say the least, unexpected.

Perusing the differences between Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing’s FAQ on the topic I was relieved to see that, for me at least, this is not a major upset, with one exception.

Namely: Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) takes twice as long to pay you your royalties!

“CreateSpace pays monthly royalties 30 days after the end of the month in which they were earned. KDP pays monthly royalties approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which they were earned. As a result, you’ll be paid in August for any royalties earned in July on CreateSpace and be paid in September for any royalties earned in July on KDP. Expanded Distribution royalties will be paid 60 days after the end of the month in which our distribution partners report their sales. Going forward, you’ll be paid on KDP’s payment schedule. “


There are numerous other small differences that don’t seem to affect me — but your mileage may vary, so check out the above links for a complete description of the differences between CS & KDP.

You can’t avoid this change. KDP says that they will start moving books from CS “automatically” in “the next few weeks”.

My experience so far
I took a deep breath and clicked on the link on my CS page to move my books over to KDP.

The process went smoothly and within a few minutes, my books moved from CS to KDP.

To my initial alarm, my books appeared with blank covers, and there was no way to order author copies! I sent an email message to KDP help, and they responded this morning with a generic unhelpful message repeating the website instructions on how to order author copies. However, when I checked my KDP page this morning, I saw the book covers. And the option to order author copies had appeared. Phew! Perhaps the full move takes a few hours, though KDP didn’t mention this in the move instructions.

In retrospect, it might have been better to wait until KDP moved my books themselves. As my books are no longer on CS, I will now have to put up with the longer royalty payment times. I could have continued to receive my royalties after 30 days if I hadn’t moved my books right away. In the end, though, this makes little difference. I got to explore the consequences of the forced move on my own schedule rather than KDP’s.

I’m not yet ready to upload my next self-published book, so I can’t share what it’s like to create a new book on KDP versus CS. I expect someone will make this comparison before I’m ready to do so, but if not, I’ll write about it!

Have you made the switch from CreateSpace to Kindle Direct Publishing? What was it like? Share your experiences in the comments below.

One thought on “Breaking: CreateSpace is requiring all customers to move to Kindle Direct Publishing!

  1. Adrian, thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t logged into CS this week yet and hadn’t seen this message.

    As you suggest, I think the best route is to let Amazon/CS/KDP handle the transfer. I’m going to wait a bit so that I don’t expend extra energy doing something that the Amazon wizards will handle anyway.

    Yes, there could be some changes in the royalty system with this change. KDP is about a 60-day turn. So those who are publishing on KDP already are used to this procedure.

    The one thing that hasn’t appeared to have changed is the availability of CS titles on Amazon. I was checking for some of my new audio books on Amazon and noticed that it hasn’t affected anything on my product pages. Also, checked your two titles and the regular product pages show.

    I have published a print book on KDP and, with some interface differences, it’s pretty much like Createspace. So that will certainly help CS authors during the transition. When I saw the transition coming, I started doing some experiments. I documented my experience in a blog in late February. Overall, I’ve been pretty pleased with the results.

    I’m treating this as more of a backend administrative and logistics problem with Amazon and am not concerning myself with it at the moment. Honestly, I’m kind of glad to see it since it’s always been a hassle having to deal with multiple platforms. I’d rather get single royalty payments and have all my Amazon book sales analytics in one place. I’m guessing (hoping?) that one day, ACX (for audio books) might go this way, too. But this will be unsettling for many Createspace authors in the early going.

    Thanks again for the alert! Keep me posted on how your conversion is going. Cheers!

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