by Adrian Segar

Some testimonials about Adrian Segar’s conferences, facilitation, designs, and writing provided by participants, clients, and fans over the last 13 years:

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I was there for the whole [two hour meeting design and facilitation workshop] and it was wonderfully engaging! Minor technical glitches did not interfere with my engagement level and I found lots of value in both the technology and Adrian‘s suggestions on how to use the technology. All in all a great event for showing that digital/online/virtual experiences definitely can be engaging and are getting more and more engaging as time goes on and as technology develops and our use of the technology develops.

I’ve never been to a conference that has an “unconference” where attendees can propose sessions on the spot and lead loosely structured conversations on a variety of topics! I absolutely love this and every conference should do it this way.

I have never before had the privilege to be embedded in such a group of impactful and visionary leaders in the events industry. I excitedly took away creative solutions to real issues we face and was able to glean effective, creative strategies that will propel my team forward.

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