by Adrian Segar

Some testimonials about Adrian Segar’s conferences, facilitation, designs, and writing provided by participants, clients, and fans over the last 13 years:

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Just wanted to let you know that the Solution Room event at the S.P.O.R.T.S. Conference was a big hit! At first, people were a little apprehensive about participating, but they did as asked and participation was good. We¹re going to do it again next year for sure!

— Kristen McIntosh, Vice President/Executive Editor, Covey Communications Corp.

I’ll be facilitating a collaborative conference this very week, I know it works!! 😉

— Lorraine Margherita (@LorraineMargh), Paris, Twitter

I have been reading your book, and if I were Oprah, it would be my featured book of the month!

— Elizabeth Luna, Manager of Live Events, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Thanks for another hugely successful Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future Conference! Our success is due in many ways to your skillful navigation of the minefield of unpredictable participants. How about we do this again next year?

— Curtiss Reed, Jr., Executive Director, Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity

At the conference you facilitated for Windham County on collaboration, I absolutely felt very safe expressing what I needed to…I could feel the wave of support from that group just wash over me. I’m so grateful that space was available for both me and for everyone else.

Your book has been the biggest influence on my professional thinking in 2013.

— Chris Collins Principal, Eventwerx

Reading [Adrian Segar’s Conferences That Work] blog has made me come to realize that when it comes to meetings, less is very often more.

There are more chances than ever to attend, but all of them require participation if you expect them to work.

Conferences that Work is a great resource for anyone looking to plan a more enriching event.

A true innovator in the conferences space, Adrian is at the forefront of attendee-driven conferences and meetings. His blog posts are extremely insightful and incorporate ideas and tactics from other disciplines (like physics and psychology) to shed light on how to better plan and manage meetings. His blog is required reading for this industry.

That was the best meeting I’ve ever attended!

— Kristi Brasher, Debose-Boyd Lab Manager, University of Texas

Thank you Adrian! I was skeptical at first of the conference format. But now I’m really glad that it was organized that way!

— Maria Nikolova, Fuchs Lab Manager, Rockefeller University

Thank you for opening my eyes to how wonderful, informative, and engaging a conference can be!

— Melissa Chambers, Walz Lab Manager, Harvard Medical School

Thank you for your efforts in making our very first national lab manager meeting a huge success. The meeting far exceeded my expectations and I have been reporting the success of the event to the leadership here at HHMI.

— Pam Phillips, Director of Research Operations, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Fantastic!…One of the first books that really talks about design aspects in a whole new way.

— Janet Sperstad, CMP, Program Director, Meeting and Event Management, Madison College

I never really felt I had peers before…

— Alix Kearney, while attending her first edACCESS peer conference

…thank you for all you do to ensure the success of the conference…you have an amazing ability to have your head in the clouds to see the big picture and your feet on the ground to help focus on the smallest of details

— Charlie Wadington, peer conference steering committee venue liaison

“That we determine the session topics is incredibly useful since they are the latest issues that we all have/will experience in our schools” , “Most valuable conference ever”, “Best conference format ever”, “The edACCESS unconference is incredibly valuable”

— Evaluations by participants at edACCESS 2014

A belated thanks to @ASegar for a great chat yesterday. If you plan conferences – his book + blog are among the best.

If you’re going to read ONE book on events this year, make it “Conferences That Work” by Adrian Segar

I’ve been reading your site often to gear up for our next conference. Always enjoy your posts!

@ConfThatWork love your articles & the refreshing way you think about events!

I’ve used Conferences that Work with international groups in Chile & Japan.

— Kelly Salasin

“The Power of Participation” is like a catalog of tools—not for designing furniture, but for designing meetings.

— Jerry Weinberg, The Consultants’ Consultant

Too many conferences are top-down, over-caffeinated, information dumps. Adrian Segar has figured out a different model: a participatory, community-driven event that yields benefits that last far beyond the conference itself. If you want to make a lasting difference with your group today, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

— Nick Morgan, Public Words

Adrian Segar is a household name for many meeting professionals in North America. He has long been a champion of the participative meeting design concept – moving from passively listening to active learning – and his book, Conferences That Work, has become a mainstay on planners’ bookshelves.

…events need engagement and participation and @asegar is the lead authority on the subject.

A good host / facilitator, this time Adrian Segar, is crucial to weaving a story through your meeting and this was done well – the right information at the right time. Each meeting will have its own unique needs, and for this one Adrian was the choice that made sense.

An excellent book! I’m impressed at the range of topics, their organization, and the clarity and succinctness in your writing. I also like your comments throughout the book on your own experiences, starting with the aha moment you had in 2002 which turned you professionally on to event design. (Review of “The Power of Participation”.)

— Bill Schmidt

I have never been to any conference like this…there’s a lot of safety, people can talk and say what they need to say.

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