• abby

    Have you used your new iPad with your unlimited plan as a wifi hotspot? How does at&t treat you when you if you do this? Is it still $29.99.

    • No I haven’t. I believe that you need to have a “qualified” data plan that includes tethering in order to do this. And I’m pretty sure that it will cost you more than $29.99 a month :-).

      • oakbeat

        Actually, you can still tether – the tethering ability has nothing to do with the plan itself but the type of iPad gen you have and carrier (e.g., iPad 4 vs. iPad 2, etc). If the iPad allows tethering for current plans, then this plan also works with tethering – depends on iPad and carrier, grandfathered plan makes no difference. Great news.

  • abby

    Are you getting LTE speeds, or what? And did your plan cost change, is it still $29.99?

    • I am still on my unlimited plan, and I have seen LTE download speeds between 30 and 55 Mbps.

  • Deb

    Awesome tutorial-worked great! Thank You!

  • Bobby

    Awesome. Worked perfectly. Your description was the only one I could find to deal with this question. Looks like we are part of a minority group that still has an unlimited data plan with them. Thanks for the info! And yes, with IPad 3/4 you can tether, regardless of data plan. If you reach 3GB, AT&T will simply throttle as noted.

    • I’m so glad my experience was useful for you. And thanks for the information about tethering—that’s good to know!

  • Carlos

    I have unlimited data plan on my ipad 3… can move ipad 4 and mini?

    • J_Lind

      Presuming you already got the answer, for others with the same question, it can be moved to one of them, but not to both simultaneously. One of the two will require a new plan if you want both on cellular data at the same time.

  • Becky H.

    Worked great, but I never got the emails in the end. I also had to restart my new ipad before the LTE took effect. Also the automatic renewal was already in place without having to mess with anything in settings. All in all very useful tutorial and now my worrying of being able to keep my unlimited plan is over. Thanks so much!

    • Glad this was helpful Becky!

    • John Witek

      I had the same experience switching from 1st generation iPad to iPad Air, i.e., no emails, need to restart, and auto renew in place ( I hope. I’ll let you know in 4 days when my plan expires.)

      You deserve a consulting fee from AT&T. Thanks so much for the straightforward instructions.

  • 1NcaNon

    That was an extremely helpful guide. Thanks for the pain & suffering you went through to figure it out. Best suggestion on web for this

  • Ed

    Will this work if you have never had an ipad on the unlimited data but want to purchase an ipad and put it on the unlimited data?

    • Sadly, AT&T discontinued unlimited data plans for the iPad in 2010 🙁

  • Annoyed

    It seems AT&T saw your post because this doesn’t seem to work. After putting in the new codes and clicking next a message now tells you that your old data plan is not available. Any suggestions?

  • Michael M. Halbreich

    “The plan you had on your original device is not available on your new device.” This is the message I get after put in the new numbers and clicking next. The “submit” button never appears

    • I’d call AT&T and ask them what to do. If you had an unlimited data plan it should be transferable to your new device. Sorry I can’t be more helpful 🙁 Good luck!

  • Jae

    I just used this to transfer my unlimited from an old ipad to my newer one. Worked like a charm, thank you!

  • JD

    As of Oct 2013, You can still do this except now you have to go into the att store and tell them you need swap your new lte sim for your old sim.
    After they do this; log onto your account and enter your imei number. Your account will still show the 3g data plan. You can now select the unlimited LTE on the next page.
    If you try it without going to the store the page tells you that you must upgrade to a new plan that is not unlimited.

  • Eddie

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Bonnie

    Got the new iPad Air and your instructions were perfect, transferred my unlimited plan from the original ipad…thank you

  • zeeeter

    I did the same steps as you did, all up and running without issue. One question for you though, have you ever tried stopping the service for a couple of months then trying to reinstate it? By “Cancel” do they mean disconnect or do they mean really cancel the account? I’d love to not pay the fee monthly but I’ve kept it going just to avoid falling foul of their terminology! With just about any other plan you can do this but I suspect they want to keep getting their $29.99 regardless!

    • When AT&T introduced this plan, they said they would allow exactly what you described—the ability to stop and start the plan month by month without penalty. Thirty days later, sadly, they yanked this option. If you ever cancel the plan—no matter how briefly— you will not be allowed to sign up for it again.

      • zeeeter

        Thanks, thought that might be the case. I’ll keep it current – it’s a good deal to stay with!

  • Nathan

    You sir, are a rock star. I just used your tutorial to transfer my unlimited data plan to my new iPad Air in record time. I think it took me longer to find your page than to actually complete the migration. However, I never received an email from AT&T (at least not yet) about the cancellation of my plan. I logged into the new iPad Air and it still had my payment information.

    Either way, thank you!!!!

  • Rich

    Has everyone that posted still have unlimited data through AT&T?

    • I still do. AT&T will reduce your data throughput speed if you use 3GB or more in one billing cycle on a 3G or 4G device, or 5GB or more in one billing cycle on a 4G LTE device. The company will text you if/when the first time you reach 95% of these limits, and again if you exceed them. See http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB410284&cv=820#fbid=mE1ntm708O7 for more information.

      • Joey

        they only limit it for the iphone, they have never limited me on my ipad and i’ve done more then 5gb every month

        • Joey, my understanding is that after 5GB/month you can still use your plan, but your throughput speed is reduced. Have you seen this?

  • Sodadas

    It can possibly be useful tips and info’s that is so wonderful to know from your content. Thanks for informing us all regarding these helpful stuffs that you had wrote from your blog.

  • Jeff

    THANK YOU!!! You’re me tech hero of the week!!
    AT&T wasted so much time pretending to help me do this but never coming thru over 3 phone calls and 4 live chats- This worked perfectly…

  • trace

    does this still work? anybody?
    20th of may, 2014

  • Kahuna

    Now if I have the original unlimited data from an iPhone can I put the SIM card into the iPad and still have unlimited data?

    • I’m not an expert on this, but AFAIK the SIMs are not compatible. You can, however, currently still transfer your unlimited data plan to another iPhone.

  • dennis g

    can I sell off my unlimited data plan to anyone,I have at&t?

    • FTJ

      Dennis (or anyone else)–I’m looking to buy an unlimited data plan. Please contact me at the email address in the attached image with your price. Thanks!

    • FTJ

      Dennis (or anyone else)–I’m looking to buy an unlimited data plan. Please contact me at ftj[dot]ipad[at]mailnull[dot]com with your price. Thanks!

  • R

    The new iPad air 2 has a new universal some card. Will that pose any problems for moving my unlimited plan.

  • David

    It was not as simple moving my original version iPad with unlimited data to the new iPad Air 2. After two hours on the phone with AT&T customer service I was told that I would need to visit a store in person to make the update. My plan is only $25.00 a month on a reoccurring billing cycle for unlimited data and was purchased Dec 2010. The instructions outlined above have changed as they have removed the unlimited data option from the drop down and try to get you to pick a current plan. I was told I store Not to choose any of those options.

    • Jenn

      So what did you do instead? Or what did they at the store do? And do you mean an Apple store?

  • sunkat

    It looks like AT&T and Apple followed your advice and made it easier to transfer:


  • J_Lind

    Bought a refurb iPad 4 from Apple in December 2013 to replace an iPad 1 that was under the AT&T unlimited data plan. (Note: Apple has great “like new” factory refurbs.) This method worked just as advertised. IIRC I didn’t need to turn on auto billing afterward but did check it per these instructions. Getting ready to do this again to transition from the iPad 4 to an Air 2 this week (yet another Apple factory refurb).

  • Sue MacGregor

    Thx Adrian, I moved it from ipad2 to iPad Pro – it worked !! But am I missing functionality of iPad Pro..? I was like you, had orig iPad w/ unlimited data plan, did move it once to iPad 2 (but did so at Apple Store, so no hiccups). Then – rec’d ipad3 – but Apple Store told me since it was 4G, couldn’t move the 3G plan…or maybe they said I wouldn’t have all features – BUT NOW…I moved to ipadpro – obviously my unlimited data plan must not allow me to use iPad as hotspot since it doesn’t “show up” under cellular section. Otherwise seems fine??? Am I missing out?