Participate! Lab at The EVENT MPI, April 4-6, Montréal

Participate! Lab The EVENT MPI
I’m excited to present my Participate! Lab at The EVENT, April 4-6, Montréal! I’ll also facilitate a panel/audience “fishbowl sandwich” discussion on industry lessons learned (see the comments), and a closing Group Spective.

After a highly successful debut in 2018, three Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Chapters — MPI Toronto, MPI Montréal/Québec, and MPI Ottawa — have again joined forces to provide cutting edge, innovative, experiential education at The EVENT.

Organizer Karen Norris, who invited me, summed up The Event as follows:

“We pride ourselves on the fact that our conference is not a typical, didactic conference and we are an ‘experience.'”

Using peer to peer learning techniques, innovative technology, and creative meeting design, The EVENT‘s objectives are to:

  • encourage participants to collaborate with industry peers;
  • cultivate new ideas; and
  • elevate the entire meeting industry.

I’m happy to offer a rare Participate! Lab at The EVENT, and hope you’ll be able to join me there! For more information, check out the full program, registration, and accommodation and travel details.

Many “experiential” events are just razzle-dazzle

Experiential events that aren'tBeware of “experiential” events that are just razzle-dazzle.

“Experiential” has become a buzzword to use to describe hip events. Instead of listening to speakers, you’re going to have — wait for it — experiences! Sounds so much better, doesn’t it?

The problem is that most events touted as experiential simply add irrelevant novelty to a familiar event process.

For example, the much-hyped C2 Montréal.

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