A Call To The #Eventprofs Community

by Lindsey Rosenthal, Traci Browne, and Adrian Segar

After almost a week full of hurt feelings, anger, resentment, and personal offense, we decided we would like to reframe the discussion at hand. It is time to talk not about beliefs regarding live-streaming, virtual access or confidentiality, but time to discuss our future – the future of #eventprofs – and whether this particular debate was important enough to let our community down. It is not. Therefore, we are asking our community, our friends, our colleagues, and even our acquaintances, to push the pause button on this topic and rally our spirit toward a common goal – healing.

Members of #eventprofs are all fervent, forward-thinking leaders of our industry, advocates of pushing the boundaries and creating better experiences. This is bound to cause contention. There is room in this community for different views and passionate beliefs, but the time spent criticizing each other to no productive end seems like a disservice to all that we have to offer each other and the rest of the world looking in.

We are in no way dismissing the important voice of the community by asking to table this conversation. It is a conversation that can and should be had about the nature of our events and the inclusion of our community in those events. We are adamant that each and every voice should still be heard and feel comfortable speaking their piece. However, with emotions running high, constructive conversations are difficult to come by and seemingly not worth the investment of time, energy and heart that comes with this discussion. Don’t stop writing your blog posts, your comments, or your opinions about events and EventCamps. The community wants to hear your thoughts; however, we are calling upon you to help us proceed to a better future.

The silver lining for each of us dealing with this controversy is learning how very much our friends and colleagues care about the #eventprofs community. The passion and dedication behind each comment and blog post gives us hope that we will be able to concentrate on more important issues, such as the future of that community, and work together to create a welcoming environment for new members and a supportive atmosphere for those already invested.

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to heal. This is a time for celebration of all that we have accomplished and all that we will continue to work on. This is a time to work together, not against each other. We hope you will accept this call to action, not to quiet your voices, but to work toward a common goal, just as we have decided to do.