Pecha Kucha posts and videos roundup

While preparing to emcee my Pecha Kucha session at EventCamp East Coast next week, I thought it would be useful to collect together in one place my scattered posts about the Pecha Kucha format, as well as videos of some of the Pecha Kucha sessions I’ve organized. Enjoy!

Pecha Kucha, not Ashton Kutcher (post)

Why PK (Pecha Kucha) is OK (post)

My Pecha Kucha talk Face Your Fear: Change Your Event Design at Event Camp Twin Cities 2010 (YouTube)

All seven of the Pecha Kucha talks given at Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 (Post includes introduction, video, and text summaries)

Six Pecha Kucha talks given at Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 (Video—scroll the bottom slider to the ten minute mark for the start of the session.)

Tips for organizing Pecha Kucha sessions (post)

Photo attribution: Flickr user fotodened