Sometimes I live on The Moors

live on the moors Sometimes I live on The Moors.

“There are worlds built on rainbows and worlds built on rain. There are worlds of pure mathematics, where every number chimes like crystal as it rolls into reality. Worlds of light and worlds of darkness, worlds of rhyme and worlds of reason, and worlds where the only thing that matters is the goodness in a hero’s heart. The Moors are none of those things. The Moors exist in eternal twilight, in the pause between the lightning strike and the resurrection. They are a place of endless scientific experimentation, of monstrous beauty, and of terrible consequences.Seanan McGuire, Down amongst the sticks and bones

A place of endless scientific experimentation

I’ve always been curious. Curious to understand the world I live in and my place in it. My curiosity has led me from an early desire to understand the world through the lens of science to the eventual realization that people are just as interesting.

So I continue to experiment. I try new things. Say yes, despite the ease of staying with the familiar. Practice endless scientific experimentation, I hope until the day I die.

Monstrous beauty

We are all weird. And we are flawed. Monstrous, even, though our monstrosities are in the eye of the beholder.

Yet beauty shines through our monsters’ cracks.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen, Anthem

We could close our eyes.

But even monstrous beauty has charms.

I (mostly) keep my eyes open.

Terrible consequences

Once in a while, a seemingly small event in our life leads to terrible consequences. The tires start to slip as you steer around an icy curve. An idle remark explodes into a screaming argument. The “minor procedure” triggers months of pain and immobility.

Such terrible consequences can happen at any time. What makes them especially difficult is that they are not preimagined — Heidegger’s dreadful that has already happened. They are a revelation, unexpected, painful in ways that are totally new.

They hurt.

Their only silver lining is that we can often learn important things from such experiences.

Tip: Sharing the pain can help.

The Moors

And so, sometimes I live on The Moors. All of us do, to some extent.

This leads to a question for you.

How much of the time do you live on The Moors?

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