Power in hotel rooms done right!

Power in hotel rooms

I’m reposting this simple idea for power in hotel rooms from a Facebook post by my friend Kristin Arnold.

“Finally!! A smart hotel that put plugs on the head of the bed frame! Way to go Renaissance Atlanta concourse!”

So often I check in to a hotel room and discover that every power outlet in the room is already in use. (That’s why I always bring a small power strip on my travels.) Even when there’s a spare outlet or two, they’re often in an inconvenient place. Also, sometimes an outlet won’t power a two-prong plug reliably, due to a loose fit.

Hotel industry, please wake up! Make power in hotel rooms available and accessible. Today’s travelers need power to recharge their devices. So provide spare outlets in your rooms! And make these outlets easily accessible — no more crawling on the floor, or moving furniture to get to a hidden outlet! Finally, remember that many folks love to use their laptops in bed, catching up on work or watching a movie at the end of a long tiring day. As shown above, make us very happy by providing outlets right next to the bed!

We’ll appreciate it — and we’ll return!

Do you have other beefs about power outlets in hotels? Share in the comments below!

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