Why I love conference facilitation and design

Here’s an example of why I love conference facilitation and design. After setting up a Personal Introspective this morning (25 minutes) I turned over what happens to the small groups. Watch the listening and involvement of every person as I weave my phone through the circles of chairs.

These people just determined what they want to change in their lives as a result of the experiences, learning, and connections they made during this three-day conference. Now they’re taking turns to share their commitments with group members, getting validation and support in the process. Subsequently, when they leave the conference this afternoon, they’ll have the knowledge and community support to make the changes they want and need in their workplaces.

I love facilitating connection, learning and growth like this. Being trusted to help conference participants improve their lives via interactive peer learning is an honor — and it feels very good!

So that’s why I love my conference facilitation and design work!

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