Can we do better than novelty at our meetings?

novelty at our meetingsCan we do better than novelty at our meetings? Yes we can!

Sure, novelty has its place in meetings. The latest cocktail. The hot new band. The color of the year. But novelty doesn’t have lasting impact. The first time, it’s an enjoyable transient experience. The next time it’s old.

Better however is a whole different kettle of fish. Better lasts. Better has long-term value.

So don’t fob off your meeting attendees event after event with an ever-changing stream of “new” or “different”. Go for better. You can reuse better over and over again—and your attendees will appreciate it every single time!

Better means fundamental improvements in your meetings that continue to pay off once you’ve successfully incorporated them. This blog is full of ways to permanently improve your meetings, for both meeting owners and participants. And the vast majority don’t require spending significant chunks of your budget on expensive novelties.

Makes sense, right? So why do we rarely shoot for better? Apple’s Jony Ive explains:

“‘Different’ and ‘new’ is relatively easy. Doing something that’s genuinely better is very hard.”
—Sir Jony Ive, Apple Senior Vice President of Design, quoted in Business Week in 2009

Yes, better is very hard. But it’s worth it.

Image attribution: Flickr user dopey

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