Meeting Design—the big picture

Here are the annotated highlights of an October 2014 etouches webinar on meeting design with Dahlia El Gazzar (host), Maarten Vanneste, and me. It’s just under an hour of video: watch the whole show or use this guide to focus on the topics that you want to hear more about—the choice is yours.

01:30 Dahlia: Introduction.

03:05 Adrian introduction.

04:10 Maarten introduction.

05:00 Maarten: A big picture description of Meeting Design.

08:10 Adrian: Two fundamental reasons why meetings must change: the rise of online, and the change in how we learn what we need to know to do our jobs.

13:05 Maarten: Meeting stakeholders.

16:45 Adrian: One way to get meeting owner buy-in.

19:50 Maarten: The steps for designing a meeting.

30:25 Maarten: A meeting toolbox.

39:10 Adrian and Maarten: Resources for meeting design—books.

44:20 Adrian, Maarten, and Dahlia: Online resources for meeting design.

47:15: Maarten: Answers “Which step do you feel is most beneficial, leading to the largest ROI?”

49:15: Adrian: Answers “Tell me about an epic fail of a meeting design and how you solved it.”

52:05: Maarten: Teasing out objectives from stakeholders.

54:10: Maarten and Adrian: Answer “Where do you see meeting design going in the next few years?”

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