2013 Conferences That Work annual review

Here’s a quick review of 2013, looking through my Conferences That Work lens.

With a week to go, visits to this website are on track to hit a new high of 2.5 million page views. I see this as a good sign of continued increasing interest in participant-driven and participation-rich events.

2013 Conferences That Work stats

And while we’re on the topic of increased interest, sales of Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love should set a new record. (Publisher book sale reports lag by four months, so I won’t have definitive numbers until April.) I feel encouraged, since it’s unusual for sales to still be increasing four years after a book is published.

I did not attend many industry events this year, choosing to stay at home and work on my next book. The November FICP Annual conference reminded me how much I miss meeting my industry friends—I hope to see more of you in 2014! (Hint to meeting organizers. I love to present and facilitate sessions; offer me reasonable reimbursement and I’ll be there!)

Event design consulting work in 2013 was plentiful, and I am seeing more interest from larger clients (e.g., The Guardian, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and NPR), corporate event producers, and a fascinating variety of association event planners. This has delayed completion of my second book (the last 10% always seems to take forever), and I’m now expecting a publication date in the first half of 2014.

My best gifts this year have been people who found my website or first book and told me in effect, though each in their own unique way, that they felt an immediate resonance with the philosophy and format of participant-led events. Thank you! Your response, energy, and delight feed my work.

I also want to thank everyone I’ve met and talked to this year for the gift of your time, interest, conversation, and companionship. Especially those who were skeptical but were willing to listen, ask good questions, and be open to change in how they thought about events. Whether I made a difference or not, we connected—and, ultimately, that is all one can ask of any meeting.

My best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. Have a great time and some great conferences in 2014!