Eight Global Meetings Megatrends

Global Meetings Megatrends A study of megatrends shaping our industry

The German Convention Bureau has published a free new report Meetings and Conventions 2030: A study of megatrends shaping our industry identifying eight global meeting megatrends that will affect the meeting industry over the next twenty years:

  • Globalisation and Internationalisation
  • “Peak Everything” – Shortage of Resources
  • Urbanisation – City of the Future
  • Demographic Change, Feminisation and Diversity
  • Technology in Work and Life
  • Sustainable Development
  • Mobility of the Future
  • Security and Safety

Although the report (to which I contributed in a minor way) concentrates on the German meetings industry, remember that Germany leads Europe as a meetings and convention destination, and is in second place worldwide after the USA as a destination for all meetings and conventions.

The global meetings megatrends report includes three future scenarios constructed around the themes of Architecture, Knowledge Transfer, and Technology, a summary of eighteen study future outcomes, and a description of the methodology used.

Well worth reading!

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