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Love both of these, Dwight! Want to meet you f2f, but Australia is a long way away… Do you Skype?

By: dwight towers Sun, 29 May 2011 03:56:00 +0000 Hey Adrian,
came here via Viv McWaters site.  Conference 1.0s make me lose the will to live!  I thought you might like a couple of conference 2.0 things that I have written/made.
One is a re-imagining of a really static “chalk and talk/the sage on the stage” thing.  It’s called “From top down to participatory – a funny thing could have happened on the way to the forum.”

The second is a youtube video (pretty crudely done, but does what it needs to) called “From Cannon-Fodder to Ego-Fodder”  (arguing that in the same way troops in World War 1 were cannon fodder, the audiences at what you call Conference 1 are similarly mown down by the egos of the speakers and the organisations hosting the conference).

Hope you find this a little interesting.

Now, to continue looking around your site!!