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Yan, I think you’ve hit on an interesting way to sell attendance at an event. Knowing in advance a) who’s going to be there and b) which attendees are valuable for you to meet face to face could provide convincing ammunition for a would-be attendee.

By: Jublia Thu, 04 Jul 2013 05:01:00 +0000 As an attendee (especially for a corporate event), we tend to need to justify and answer to our bosses why are we taking time off from work to attend an event and what ever benefit will we obtain on top of the costs that is going to be paid for by the company.

Sometimes “Hey boss, XX is going to attend this event and I am going to try to get to speak to him” works, and sometimes it doesn’t as the opportunity is not concrete enough. Many times, you don’t really know who else is attending the event other than the speakers. You have to turn up to find out and that is not exactly an attractive proposition for the bosses.

Does the real challenge lies instead with the organisers capability to quantify and communicate the networking potential at their events?