Are Online Meetings Reducing Our Collective Intelligence?

Are online meetings reducing our collective intelligence [CI]? New research from Carnegie Mellon has been widely interpreted as concluding that, for example, “Zoom is actually less effective than a phone call”, and “Video conferencing can hurt collaboration”. Not so fast. New research about […]

Designing conferences to solve participants’ problems

What makes attending conferences worthwhile? As I described in Conferences That Work, the two most common reasons for attending conferences are to learn useful things and make useful connections. But there are numerous other ways that conferences provide value to stakeholders. […]

Three ways to create truly surprising meetings

Meeting planners try to minimize planning and execution surprises at events. Having no coffee available at the opening breakfast? Bad surprise! But not all meeting surprises are bad. Adrian shares three examples of how incorporating planned surprises into our events can be one of the best ways of improving attendees’ experience and learning.